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*Please note any order of Varicose will receive 35 single serving sachets as we are now sold out of the tubs due to it being discontinued in preparation for the launch of Vari V2. 
*These are also clearance stock dated 06/22 hence the reduced price.


Varicose - Non-Stimulant Pump Maximiser. Pumps for up to 8 hours. (300g)




    • If you’re looking for a product that delivers the best pumps you will experience, Amazing workouts that you don’t want to end and a pump that lasts for hours after training then Varicose is the most comprehensive vaso-dialator formulae to date designed to give you vein bursting pumps and laser guided focus.

    • It contains clinical doses of L-citrulline, Agmatine and Taurine alongside huge doses of glycerol and l-arginine for optimum cell volumisation.

    • Contains 2g of betaine (trimethal glycine)  to promote increases in strength and power.

    • Contains choline bitartrate ( 1.5g) to get you mentally prepared and ready for the workout ahead.

Directions for Use

Add 21g of VARICOSE (3 rounded scoops) to 300-500ml of water and shake well.


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