*Please note any order of Cotton Candy or Green apple LFT will receive 35 single serving sachets as we are now sold out of the tubs.  LFT-SHT - High-Stim Pre-Trainer (300g)   --   This product was designed for those who require a massive surge in Strength, power and energy to improve their performance each and every time they enter the gym! To really wake you up we've added a huge dose of 300mg caffeine as well as including Amp to provide stimulation to your central nervous system, increasing the power output of your muscles. Amp is also a fat burner as to provide a high...

  • Hustle Pre Workout

    Hustle Pre Workout

    Hustle was created for that individual where clawing and scratching your way to be the best you can be is in your DNA. With a combination of patented ingredients to compliment focus, drive and pump and have your workouts ready another level, were the point of call, when creating HUSTLE. Experience the euphoric and satisfaction of crushing your goals from the very first try. Don’t just work, don’t just grind.......HUSTLE

  • Varicose


    Varicose - Non-Stimulant Pump Maximiser. Pumps for up to 8 hours. (300g) -- If you’re looking for a product that delivers the best pumps you will experience, Amazing workouts that you don’t want to end and a pump that lasts for hours after training then Varicose is the most comprehensive vaso-dialator formulae to date designed to give you vein bursting pumps and laser guided focus. It contains clinical doses of L-citrulline, Agmatine and Taurine alongside huge doses of glycerol and l-arginine for optimum cell volumisation. Contains 2g of betaine (trimethal glycine)  to promo...

  • LFT SHT V2

    LFT SHT V2

    Off the back of the "OG" LFT-SHT we come back with a NEW IMPROVED LFT V2 pre workout. 5x STIMS ALPHAPURE ALPHA GPC 99% UNPARALLELED FOCUS MATRIX "NEUROFORCE" 3.2G BETA ALANINE NEW FLAVOURS The aim to bring back everything you know and loved about the original and improve. Simply by looking at the nutritional spec we've done that. Over a year in development, trial and error until we found that sweet spot that matched a stim lovers fix, with focus, performance and no crash.It's strong, so it's not for everyone, but if your'e looking for an all out stim product that get's the gym workouts fl...

    £14.99 - £32.99


    Where performance and power are essential, we introduce CREA-SCENDO. A daily use formula with ingredients specifically chosen, having proven credentials of benefit, making a lot more than just a creatine.For those whom simply want to achieve their absolute best across the board, add Crea-scendo to your daily arsenal of supplementation.