BIG A.S.S. JUG

    2.7 litre capacity Shaker lid top BPA free--Introducing BIG A.S.S jugs (Big Aminos, stims and shakes) your one stop jug for all your favourite pre/intra/post beverages or simply to keep hydrated throughout the day!

  • F Cardio Face Shield- Anti Bacterial ZnO coating- PM0.3 Filtration- Liquid Repellent

    F Cardio Face Shield- Anti Bacterial ZnO coating- PM0.3 Filtration- Liquid Repellent

    Our Unique triple protection face shields are soft, breathable, comfortable to wear and washable.*Outer fluid repelling coating prevents vapours and droplet-borne organisms from enterting mask. *Nano particle treatment using Zinc Oxide provides 99.9% anti bacterial protection and deodorizing properties. *Our Inner layer is a 3-ply Micro Particulate Filter offering PM0.3 FiltrationWearing a covering can reduce the users tendency to touch their faces, which is a major source of infection without proper hand hygiene. Face coverings may help from passing the disease onto others. When our masks ...

  • F#CK Cardio Tee

    F#CK Cardio Tee

    LIMITED EDITION design once we sell out we never produce again!

  • Limited Edition F#CK Cardio BBall Jersey

    Limited Edition F#CK Cardio BBall Jersey

    We all think it, now you can wear it...... F#CK CARDIO Limited edition jersey

  • Aftermath PCT

    Aftermath PCT

    TWP Aftermath PCT - 60 Capsules --Key Benefits: Helps increase muscle mass Supports increased strength Helps boost sex drive Supports increased testoserone Helps increase protein synthesis Supports muscle recovery

  • Diced


    Contains Amp (75mg) a fat burner that will provide a higher degree of metabolic activity increasing the amount of calories burned while providing you with the energy to get through the day. Includes 115mg of caffeine to promote an increase in heartrate to boost the body’s fat burning ability while giving you razor sharp focus. Has 100mg bitter orange peel  as an alternative to ephedrine. Bitter orange peel increases caloric expenditure and energy levels while promoting a faster metabolism. Contains 40mg Green tea extract (4:1) to work alongside caffeine to increase production of no...



    LFT-SHT - High-Stim Pre-Trainer (300g) -- This product was designed for those who require a massive surge in Strength, power and energy to improve their performance each and every time they enter the gym! To really wake you up we've added a huge dose of 300mg caffeine as well as including Amp to provide stimulation to your central nervous system, increasing the power output of your muscles. Amp is also a fat burner as to provide a higher degree of metabolic activity, increasing the amount of calories burned. We've not stopped there...... 100mg of schisandra has been added ac...

  • Endure Platinum Series BCAA + EAA

    Endure Platinum Series BCAA + EAA

    TWP Endure BCAA + EAA Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are a key part of any athlete's supplement arsenal and Endure delivers a market leading 7000mg dose per single serving. Not content at this though we have added in a 3000mg dose of essential amino acids (EAA) which are the amino acids your body requires from diet because it can't make them. This combination delivers a seriously effective recovery and performance boost in itself but when you add in the electrolyte blend in Endure you have the ultimate workout & recovery supplement. It's one thing providing the formula that works...

  • Varicose


    Varicose - Non-Stimulant Pump Maximiser. Pumps for up to 8 hours. (300g) -- If you’re looking for a product that delivers the best pumps you will experience, Amazing workouts that you don’t want to end and a pump that lasts for hours after training then Varicose is the most comprehensive vaso-dialator formulae to date designed to give you vein bursting pumps and laser guided focus. It contains clinical doses of L-citrulline, Agmatine and Taurine alongside huge doses of glycerol and l-arginine for optimum cell volumisation. Contains 2g of betaine (trimethal glycine)  to promo...

  • I-Drive


    I-DRIVE is the ultimate Glucose disposal agent. Amplfying the coversion of glucose to glycogen, forcing the nutrients towards the muscles for maximum growth and minimal body fat storage. Ideal for promoting efficient muscle gain during a bulking phase whilst encouraging minimal fat storage. I-DRIVE can also be a key tool during a calorie deficit when looking to reduce bodyfat by ensuring nutrients are more comprenhensively used to retain muscle tissue during a typcial cutting phase. Achieve better pumps during workouts thus promoting increased volume of blood in the muscle fascia to st...

  • Greed


    GREED - Appetite enhancer/digestive aid  180 capsules--GREED is the most inclusive and up to date Digestive aid and appetite enhancer on the market. Whether you're on "off season" looking to put those influx of calories to good use, or an every day individual that suffers with digestive issues. This product will minimise bloating, wind and aid with the enhancement of digestion of food. We are also the first company in the UK to add a Rikkunshito blend, used to treat a variety of gastointestinal tract disorders. As an added bonus for those who struggle to eat, it's also been shown to stim...



    120 Caps (30 Servings)--The ultimate in defence for the hardcore athlete with benefits including: Preventing Cellular Damage Reduce Blood Pressure Heart Health Kidney Health Anti-Fatigue Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Properties Improve Athletic Performance & More! Nutritional Spec Per Serving: - ASTRAGALUS ROOT 8000mg - CELERY SEED EXTRACT 2000mg - BEETROOT EXTRACT 1000mg - CURCUMIN 500mg - OXYSTORM 500mg - POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 400mg - ASTRAGIN 50mg - BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT 5mg

  • LFT-SHT / Blue F#CK Cardio Shaker

    LFT-SHT / Blue F#CK Cardio Shaker

    Pick up your favourite flavour LFT with an official F Cardio shaker!



    TWP Salvage TWP Salvage offers a high quality, fast acting Whey to take your results to the next level. With a combination of Hydrolysed Whey/Casein and Whey Protein Isolate, Salvage is the first protein powder in the UK to completely disclose the entire breakdown of protein content to offer complete transparency. With Intra workout nutrition becoming ever more apparent, SALVAGE was designed to be that workout companion. An ideal addition to those fast acting carbs like Cyclic dextrin or the more cost effective Maltodextrin. Alternatively if you have a Gut issues you'll find that Salvag...

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  • Cardalean


    Cardarine -- A product designed to aid endurance, reduce bodyfat, contribute towards lean muscle gain, shall we go on. Various studies showing increases in stamina thus resulting in more effective workouts, what ever your sporting endeavour may be! Effective Fat loss whilst maintaining muscle mass. Reduce your recovery time, capitalise on your workouts and precious time, add........... CARDALEAN. Nutritional Information Per Capsule {4-[({4-methyl-2-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1,3-thiazol-5-yl}methyl)sulfanyl]-2-methylphenoxy}acetic acid 10mg