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It just keeps getting better...

Introducing the latest addition to our protein range, All the whey ISO
We all know how popular All The Whey Up was, so it only seemed natural to meet the needs of those whose preference is all isolate, with no compromise on taste.

This new protein isolate boasts a massive 26g of high-quality protein and 0g of sugar in every scoop. It doesn't just stop there, no no no, Whey Iso is also lactose-free, gluten-free, and comes in 4 phenomenal flavours to launch.

With all that in mind, TWP Whey Iso is perfect for anyone serious about packing on the muscle and looking to recover quickly from strenuous exercise. Since TWP Whey Iso features protein isolate, it makes the conversion and breakdown of the protein super fast, leading to quicker recovery, less bloating, and better digestion.

The question is, which flavour do you choose first?

  1. 26g of protein per serving
  2. 0g of sugar 
  3. 0-1g of carbs per serving (Flavour dependent)
  4. Lactose-free
  5. Gluten free
  6. 30 Servings
  7. 4 Fantastic flavours