F Cardio Face Shield- Anti Bacterial ZnO coating- PM0.3 Filtration- Liquid Repellent

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Our Unique triple protection face shields are soft, breathable, comfortable to wear and washable.

*Outer fluid repelling coating prevents vapours and droplet-borne organisms from enterting mask.

*Nano particle treatment using Zinc Oxide provides 99.9% anti bacterial protection and deodorizing properties.

*Our Inner layer is a 3-ply Micro Particulate Filter offering PM0.3 Filtration

Wearing a covering can reduce the users tendency to touch their faces, which is a major source of infection without proper hand hygiene. Face coverings may help from passing the disease onto others.

When our masks are laundered with ordinary detergent and warm water, they are disinfected and ready for re-use.


Our protective face masks are washable upto 30 times.
*Machine wash low temperature

*Hang to dry

*DO NOT tumble dry

*DO NOT iron

*DO NOT bleach


Please note- Whilst use of a face shield will minimise exposure of oral and nasal mucosa and recuce exposure to dust, allergens, germs and bodily fluids. It is not a respirator and will not eliminate the risk of contracting disease or infection.